AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter

The field strength of an induction sealer can accurately be measured with our exclusive SMART-SEAL® Meter.  This state of the art electronic meter assists in verifying that the cap sealer is producing the same repeatable sealing field every time, assuring a consistent power output.  The Model AM-CSM Meter also provides analytical sealing data to further assist in validation, documentation and quality assurance of your cap sealers performance.  This meter will work with all makes of induction bottle cap sealers.

The SMART-SEAL METER contains a sensor that measures the total amount of electromagnetic heat energy received and then displays this on a digital read out screen.  This measurement is the total combined effect of the power setting of the induction sealer, the height and position of the sealing coil and the speed of your conveyor.  By combining these effects, the set-up and control of the induction sealer is greatly simplified.

The SMART-SEAL® METER is attached to a container which is then passed down the conveyor and underneath the induction sealing head.  After passing through, the heat energy received by the sensor is used to correctly give a reading which is a ‘Standard’ or ‘Benchmark’ value.  This ‘Standard’ value is then used to compare all future production runs so that one can be assured of the best seal possible on every run.  Also, the ‘Standard’ value achieved can be used confidently to obtain consistent sealing results regardless of the type of equipment used.

An exclusive feature of the SMART-SEAL® METER is that the meter can then compare the test results automatically to the ‘high’ and ‘low’ values as set by the operator.  This will allow the operator to immediately verify the cap sealers performance.


·        The meter can be calibrated accurately to standard units.

·        A large alpha-numeric display for easy reading of all functions and test results.

·        Automatic ‘ON’ activation and power save function.

·        Utilizes a standard battery for complete portability.

·        Low battery indicator alerts when battery needs replacement.

·        ‘High’ and ‘Low’ values can be set by the operator to assist in verifying the sealers performance.

·        State of the art SMT electronics provide years of trouble-free performance.

·        Statistical capabilities include:

o   Number of tests performed

o   Number of ‘High’ readings

o   Number of ‘Low’ readings

o   Standard deviation

o   ‘Average’ of all tests