FS-U Unscrambling Table


Model FS-U
36” or 48” Unscrambling Table

 Rotary Unscrambling Tables are designed to unscramble round bottles, jars, cans and containers.  From the Stainless Steel feed table the containers are transferred onto the stainless steel rotary disc for orienting.  They are then discharged single file onto a conveyor.  This design ensures the removal of all containers without manual assistance.


  1. Standard models 36 inch and 48-inch diameter, other sizes available to

             your specifications.

  1.  Standard stainless steel tabletop.
  2.  Adjustable solid-state D.C. variable speed drive.
  3.  No changeover parts necessary for standard containers.
  4.  Hazardous location models available.
  5.  Stainless steel dumping table (standard on FS-U, optional on FS-A).
  6.  Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.
  7.  33 inch to 37-inch height adjustment.
  8.  Actual demonstration in our plant with your products.
  9. Stainless steel guide rails are standard.
  10. Two full year guarantee.



Ideal For:

• Ideal for unscrambling of glass containers



-110V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz (Nema 12)



- Base Machine Weight: 450lbs

- Crated Shipping Dimension: 6’x4’x5’ 

Download plan view layout