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AU-6C Unscrambler/Cleaner - The Epitome of Efficiency and Durability in Bottle Packaging

The KAPS-ALL AU-6C Automatic Bottle Unscrambler/Cleaner is a remarkable addition to any packaging production line. This state-of-the-art machine is expertly engineered to streamline the packaging process, significantly enhancing productivity while reducing downtime. The AU-6C offers unparalleled efficiency, allowing businesses to achieve substantial savings by automating previously manual or semi-automatic operations.

Superior Functionality

With its distinctive patented design, the AU-6C eliminates the need for multiple change parts, paving the way for swift, seamless changeovers. It boasts an exclusive low profile 36-inch diameter stainless steel prefeeder, complete with an inner disc. The AU-6C can handle a variety of plastic container shapes including round, square, rectangular, and oval, with minimal changeover parts required.

Additionally, the machine comes with a robust welded construction frame, designed to hold all three primary elements of the AU-6C securely. To enhance ease of use, electronic variable speed controls are provided for all orienting functions.

User-Friendly and Safe Design

One of the key selling points of the AU-6C is its non-marring contact parts for the prefeeder, orienting mechanism, and discharge exit. This ensures smooth operation while preserving the integrity of the bottles. The machine can either be used with an existing conveyor or with a stainless steel Feed Systems Conveyor, allowing for flexible integration into your production line.

Safety is at the forefront of the AU-6C's design, with interlocking safety switches on sliding front doors to prevent the machine from operating unless the doors are closed. The automatic bottle counter and self-contained electric control panel further enhance safety and ease of operation.

Unparalleled Versatility and Reliability

To maximize versatility, the AU-6C features stainless steel and polycarbonate covers and guards throughout. This not only ensures the durability of the machine but also provides wide access for easy adjustments. The machine's calibrated settings allow for ease and repeatability of changeovers, while the computer design ensures a quiet, smooth, and dependable operation.

The machine is also equipped with a substantial 15 cubic foot stainless steel Bottle Supply Hopper and a 12" wide belt Elevator. To further increase operational efficiency, the machine features a stainless steel access/cleanout door on supply hoppers, requiring no tools to open.

Options and Specifications

The AU-6C Unscrambler/Cleaner comes with an array of optional features to further enhance its performance. These include hopper upgrades up to 50 cubic foot, Lexan prefeeder and hopper cover, casters for portable needs, red/green status indicator lights, a low hopper level indicator, a discharge backup eye, a 48" prefeeder upgrade, a motorized bottom belt in the hopper, and an 18" wide elevator upgrade.

The AU-6C is ideally suited for round, square, oval, triangular and rectangular bottles made of plastic, corrugated, or tin. The machine can accommodate a maximum bottle size of 6" diameter and 12" tall and operates at speeds of up to 300 bottles per minute. The base machine dimension and crated dimension is 10' L x 6' W x 6' 8" H, with the 50 Cubic Hopper making the width 6'5".

In sum, the AU-6C Unscrambler/Cleaner is an exceptional piece of machinery designed to optimize your packaging production line. Backed by KAPS-ALL's commitment to quality, it comes with a two-year full guarantee, ensuring the machine's longevity and your investment. Moreover, its upgradeability feature future-proofs your operations, allowing the integration of new production lines without the need for additional machinery purchases or personnel training. Experience the unparalleled performance of the AU-6C Unscrambler/Cleaner and revolutionize your packaging process today.

1. Low profile 36-inch diameter stainless steel prefeeder (complete with one inner disc)

2. Exclusive patented design eliminating numerous change parts

3. Air Ionizer Cleaner with vacuum and Ionizing Monitor.

4. Minimal changeover parts needed for a wide range of plastic round, square, rectangular & ovals.

5. Heavy duty welded construction frame to hold all three principal elements of AU-6

6. Electronic variable speed controls for all orienting functions

7. Non-marring contact parts for Pre-Feeder, orienting mechanism and discharge exit.

8. Can be used with existing conveyor or with a stainless steel Feed Systems Conveyor

9. Automatic bottle counter

10. Self contained electric control panel

11. Stainless steel and Polycarbonate covers and guards throughout, allowing wide access for easy adjustments

12. Calibrated settings allow for ease and repeatability of changeovers

13. Computer designed for a quiet, smooth and dependable operation

14. Left to right conveyor discharge

15. Complete with 15 cubic foot stainless steel Bottle Supply Hopper and 12" wide belt Elevator

16. Stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads

17. Two full year guarantee.

18. Stainless steel access/cleanout door on supply hoppers, with no-tools required to open

19. Interlocking safety switches on sliding front doors so that machine will not run unless doors are closed

20. Fully adjustable orienting mechanism to handle a wide range of containers

- Hopper upgrades up to 50 cubic foot. - IQ/OQ Documentation Available. - Lexan Prefeeder and Hopper Cover - Casters option for portable needs. - Red/Green Status indicator lights. - Low Hopper Level Indicator. - Discharge backup eye. - 48" prefeeder upgrade. - Motorized Bottom Belt in Hopper. - 18" Wide Elevator upgrade.

Ideal For:

  • Round, Square, Oval, Triangular and Rectangular Bottles.
  • Plastic, Corrugated and Tin Bottles
  • 6" diameter and 12" tall maximum bottle size
  • Speeds up to 300 bottles/minute


  • 110V 1Ph 50/60Hz (NEMA 12)
  • Air required.


  • Base Machine Dimension:
  • Crated Dimension: 10' L x 6' W x 6' 8" H (50 Cubic Hopper Makes Width 6'5")
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