AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter

Quality Control

  • AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter (Quality Control)
  • AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter (Quality Control)
  • AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter (Quality Control)
  • AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter (Quality Control)
  • AM-CSM Cap Seal Meter (Quality Control)

Electromagnetic field strength meter allows testing of the power reaching your packaging.

Consistent Power= Consistent Seals

Portable Field Strength Meter

The AM-CSM-4 accurately measures the cumulative electromagnetic field strength of an Induction Sealer.  This electronic meter verifies that the induction sealer is producing a consistent and repeatable sealing field every time.  The digital display provides analytical data to assist in validation, documentation and quality assurance.

  • Measure cumulative field strength
  • Quality Assurance
  • Consistent Sealing Power = Consistent Sealing
  • Works with all makes and models of Induction Sealers

Machine Weight < 1lb

Unit is powered by (2) N-size 1.5volt batteries.

Purchase includes sturdy Carrying / Storage case

CALIBRATION:  This unit is calibrated to standards maintained at the Auto-Mate Technologies test lab to allow for the finest precision.  It should be re-calibrated every 12 months.  Refer to the calibration label on the unit for the calibration due date.  For calibration, return the unit to Auto-Mate Technologies at the 34 Hinda Blvd. address.  Ship the unit with a written purchase order for calibration along with a check for $97.00 U.S.  This fee covers calibration and new batteries. Shipping charges additional.

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