AC-65 Full Size Cleaner

Introducing the AC-65 Full Size Cleaner from Kaps-All Packaging Systems

Unveiling the innovative CLEAN-N-VAC® AC-65, the premier automatic container cleaner model designed to offer meticulous cleaning solutions for your packaging line. This robust, fully automatic machine is expertly engineered to remove dust, dirt, carton lint, and other foreign matter from your containers. It seamlessly combines the power of high-pressure ionized air and efficient vacuuming, ensuring impeccable cleanliness every time.

Distinguished Features of the AC-65 Automatic Container Cleaner

The AC-65 container cleaner inverts containers, blasts them with ionized air, and vacuums them with an effective length of up to 18 inches. It handles containers with a maximum height of 12” and a diameter of 6.5”, providing excellent versatility. For containers larger than these dimensions, we recommend consulting with our team about the AC-65 model's capabilities.

Our exclusive patent-pending design distinguishes the AC-65 in the market, eliminating numerous change parts and facilitating a smooth operation. It's fully adjustable inverting mechanism is capable of managing a wide variety of containers, minimizing changeover parts needed for different materials and shapes. Whether you're dealing with plastic, glass, metal, corrugated, round, square, rectangular, or oval containers, the AC-65 has you covered.

Built with a heavy-duty welded stainless steel frame, the AC-65 is rugged and durable. It features electronic variable speed controls for all turning and cleaning functions, ensuring precision and consistency. Moreover, its non-marring contact parts, polycarbonate safety covers, and stainless steel guards further enhance its usability and safety.

Ease of Operation and Safety Considerations

Designed with the user in mind, the AC-65 comes complete with a 44" intake DC variable speed conveyor and metering wheel. It offers a standard left-to-right conveyor discharge, with a right-to-left option available. It also features interlocking safety switches on the front hinged guard, ensuring the machine will not run unless the door is fully closed.

Its low-profile design further enhances safety, eliminating the need for ladders or step stools during operation. Hand wheels and calibrated settings allow for ease and repeatability of changeovers, contributing to a streamlined workflow.

Optional Features for Increased Flexibility

The AC-65 offers an array of optional features, including a Feed Systems 7’6” long stainless steel frame, a DC variable speed drive conveyor with a 4 1/2” wide conveyor belt, guide rails, and controls. Options also include a photoptic conveyor discharge safety switch, a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, and an automatic rate meter for determining the number of bottles per minute being cleaned.

The Ideal Application of AC-65

The AC-65 is particularly effective for the removal of foreign matter from larger packaging on low, medium, and high-speed lines. It is an excellent solution for businesses seeking efficient and reliable cleaning capabilities.

An Optimized Cleaning Solution for Your Packaging Line

The AC-65 is designed for both 110v AC, 1Phase, 50/60 hertz, and 220v AC, 1 phase, 50/60 hertz power supplies, consuming 10 CFM at 80 PSI. Weighing in at 1050lbs, it measures 9’x4’x 7’6” when crated for shipping.

Experience the unparalleled performance and robust functionality of the AC-65 full-size cleaner, and bring an optimized cleaning solution to your packaging line with Kaps-All Packaging Systems.


  1. Automatic bottle cleaner, which inverts the containers, blasts them with ionized air and vacuums them over an effective length of up to 18 inches.
  2. Handles containers up to 7” tall and 4” diameter for larger container ask us about our Model AC-65 Bottle Cleaner Inverter                                                                                                                                                                                      
  3. Exclusive patent pending design eliminating numerous change parts.
  4. Fully adjustable inverting mechanism to handle a wide range of containers.
  5. Minimal changeover parts needed for a wide range of plastic, glass metal, corrugated, round, square, rectangular and oval containers etc.
  6. Heavy duty welded stainless steel construction frame.                                                             
  7. Electronic variable speed controls for all turning and cleaning functions.
  8. Non marring contact parts throughout.
  9. Can be used with existing conveyor or with a stainless steel Conveys-All Conveyor.
  10. Self contained electronic controls.
  11. Polycarbonate safety covers and stainless steel guards throughout allowing wide access for easy adjustments.
  12. Hand wheels and calibrated settings allow for ease and repeatability of changeovers.
  13. Computer designed for a quite, smooth, dependable operation.
  14. Complete with 44" intake DC variable speed conveyor and metering wheel.
  15. Left to right conveyor discharge is standard right to left is available.
  16. Interlocking safety switches on front hinged guard so that the machine will not run unless the door is fully closed.
  17. Low profile design for increased safety, no need for ladders or step stools.
  1. Feed Systems 7’6” long stainless steel frame, D.C. variable speed drive conveyor utilizing a 4 1/2” wide conveyor belt (Delrin) complete with guide rails, controls                                                                                                              
  2. Photoptic conveyor discharge safety switch (recommended)                                                                                                                                     
  3. Heavy duty Stainless steel frame (to replace the standard epoxy coated frame)                                                                                                                                         
  4. Automatic rate meter to determine bottles per minute being cleaned



Max Container Height: 12”


Max Container Diameter 6.5”


Ideal For:

•Ideal for highly efficient removal of foreign matter from larger packaging on low and medium and high speed lines



110v AC, 1Phase, 50/60 hertz


220v AC, 1 phase, 50/60 hertz


10 CFM at 80 PSI



- Crated Machine Weight: 1050lbs

- Shipping Measurements:  Crated 9’x4’x 7’6”


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