Model VOL-B

Fills-All Model VOL-B Semi Automatic Bench Top Volumetric Piston FillerFills-All Bench Model Semi-Automatic Volumetric Piston Filler, Model VOL-B handling one to three filling units.  Complete with stainless steel bottle centering guides, Nema 4 safety foot control pedal, bottom-up fill and/or non-diving attachment stainless steel nozzle rack, stainless steel guards nozzle rack, stainless steel guards, stainless steel frame



  1. Micro-processor programmed ensuring repeatable and fast changeovers.
  2. Stainless steel cabinet one piece welded construction.
  3. Bottom-up fill, fixed position and non-diving mode for nozzles (adjustable)
  4. Water tight (Nema 4) control box.
  5. Independent adjustable trimming device of pumps to fine tune each piston pump.
  6. Dual speed controls giving separate adjustment capabilities for aspirating and discharging strokes depending upon products being filled.
  7. Master control adjustments, permitting volume changes of all pumps (1-4 pumps) with a simple calibrated  hand adjustment assuring fast repeatable settings between changeovers.
  8. Safety foot pedal for starting each fill cycle
  9. Stainless steel guarding and side panels
  10. Two adjustable stainless steel bottle centering guides
  11. Air filter/regulator and air supply switch
  12. Two year guarantee on all parts, less tubing, gaskets and seals (electronics are covered under manufacturers guarantee)
  13. Adjustable suck back design on check valve type piston pumps only. (Not required for pneumatic closed tip positive shut nozzle)

Standard wiring is 110V 1 Phase, 60 Hz, air consumption is approximately .5 to 1 CFM air at 60-80 PSI


  1.  1 oz. filling unit, 35 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                              
  2. 3 oz. filling unit, 95 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                               
  3. 5 oz. filling unit, 150 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                             
  4. 10 oz. filling unit, 300 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                           
  5. 20 oz. filling unit, 600 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                           
  6. 36 oz. filling unit, 1100 cc, 316 stainless steel, each at                                                         
  7. 30-gallon all stainless steel construction supply tank on casters with three outlets to go directly into filling units-includes ferrule for ball valve, extra                                            
  8. Filling nozzles (316 stainless steel) check valve type with suck back, each at                      
  9. Filling nozzles (316 stainless steel) pneumatic closed tip type, each at                                


Ideal For:

All viscous and highly accurate filling applications.  Excellent with viscous products.

ideal for applications such as: reduced speeds, short production runs, limited space and trial runs and R & D where precision filling of a wide range of product is required.



-120V, 1 Phase, 60 Cycle

- Air: 2-3 cu/ft per min.  90psi.



- Base Crated Weight: 250 lbs

- Crated Dimension: 3’x3’x4’ W

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