AM-250 Automatic Induction Sealer

Automatic Induction Sealing Machine
Patented design energy efficient foil sealing systems come complete and ready to use pre-assembled.

AutoMate AM-250 is the industry standard for Induction Sealing.  This is the original Waterless Cap Sealer.  The Model AM-250 is the right choice for small to high volume production. The ultra-compact machine delivers 2,500 Watts of power at the sealing head!  

  • State of the art patented surface mount electronic system eliminates the need for water-cooling, radiators, pumps, etc.
  • Cap sizes up to 70mm diameter (sealing heads available for up to 120mm and specialty caps).
  • Patented design energy efficient foil sealing systems come complete and ready to use pre-assembled. Protected by over 15 patents.
  • Screens in English, Spanish and French.
  • Sealed, gasketed electronics provides protection for demanding environments.
  • LED “Heart-Beat” monitoring for simplified servicing.  No moving parts. 
  • Load sensitive operator assist “LED BAR GRAPH”, for easy set-up and operating status (PATENTED).
  • Consecutive and excessive fault detection.
  • Built in power save mode minimizes energy consumption.
  • Efficient advanced circuitry for increased power and minimizes waste heat production (Not air cooled like others on market).
  • Portable one piece welded frame with locking swivel castors and stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads.
  • Fast easy changeovers, height adjustment-accommodates 1” tall to 14" tall containers with a simple hand adjustment.
  • Standard digital bottle counter and rate meter (bottles per minute).
  • Mini-computer keeps track of basic statistics which include: A)  Total bottles sealed  B) Sealing power used  C) Batch and lot Numbers  D) Date  E) Faults encountered  F) Time  G)  Multi-Language Screens  H)  Conveyor speed  I)  User friendly menus and recipe storage  J)  And more.
  • Loss of current indicator.  Internal circuitry provides monitoring of sealing head power.  Automatically adjusts power as needed.
  • Interlocking stainless steel safety guard switches.
  • Easy to read two line digital full text display.  All operator settings including LED indicator lights at your fingertips. Minimizes operator training.
  • Main power switch with OSHA lockout for servicing.
  • State of the art plug in electronic manifold for sensors to hook up with no wiring required.
  • IQ-OQ validation assistance available.

Model AM-250 (more than 2,500 watts of output power at the sealing head where it is used)

  • Stalled Bottle Detector (PATENTED)-Internal software with external photoelectric detectors sense back up of containers under the sealing head. 

  • Missing Foil Liner/Missing Cap Detector - Senses the presence of foil liner/or missing cap.  

  • Light/Alarm Indicators: YELLOW or AUDIBLE: Fault Occured / GREEN: Sealing Head is ON (Running) / RED: Sealing Head is OFF (Not Running)     

  • Portable one piece welded cart included in base price (A $750.00 value from competitors)              

  • Computer Interface - RS-232 connector to download statistics, etc. from sealer’s computer to printer and/or computer, for validation/ documentation use.

  • (IQ-OQ) - Complete installation and operational qualification protocol documentation (A $2,900.00  value from competitors)               

  • Reject System:  Pushes faulty bottles off conveyor (Such as missing foil/cap, crooked cap).  Includes:  Pneumatically operated angled paddle to gently guide bottles off conveyor, stainless steel mounting, regulator, valve, gauge, integral program on sealer control panel.  Suitable for bottle sizes of up to one gallon.   

  • Self monitoring conveyor speed  Advises operator if conveyor speed was changed thereby affecting proper sealing (utilizes encoder on conveyor) (PATENTED)  

  • High and crooked cap laser detection (should be used with reject system). (for up to 120mm caps)       

  • Ultra sensitive foil temperature monitoring system (PATENTED) Accurate Testing of sealed bottles with operator controlled high and low temperature parameters

  • Portable field strength meter Model AM-CSM-4 accurately measures the field strength of any induction sealer.  Assists in verifying that the cap sealer is producing the same repeatable sealing field every time. See separate brochure for more details.  Ideal for proper validation and documentation.  Comes complete with carrying case. (Standard price is $975. Discounted  if  ordered with sealer)     

  • Remote start/stop water tight controls with 12’ supply cord.  Longer lengths available.

This foil sealer is ideal For:

• Ideal For: Small, Medium and Large output production and all industries


205-240V, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hertz (approximately 18 amps maximum).


- Crated Induction Sealer Machine Weight: 250lbs

- Shipping Measurements  Box on Skid 30” x 40” x 42.5”

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