FA-GA Gear Pump Filler

Fills-All Model “FA-GA” Fully Automatic Metering Gear Pump Filler

The FA-GA Fully Automatic Metering Gear Pump Filler is a masterstroke from Kaps-All Packaging Systems. A model that sets new standards in automated liquid filling, it provides a combination of precision, speed, and flexibility. The FA-GA Gear Pump Filler comes with an integrated 8’6” stainless steel conveyor, boasting a seamless, microprocessor-controlled operation.

Top-Tier Control and Adjustability

The FA-GA Filler is designed to provide absolute control to its users. Its operation is governed by a 7” color touch screen HMI that offers access to full controls, from dual speed discharge counters and I-O status to cleaning and priming routines. With its facility to store recipes for 100+ SKUs, this gear pump filler delivers unparalleled adaptability to your product range.

Adjustability lies at the heart of the FA-GA model’s design. Whether it's bottom-up fill or non-diving nozzles, the filler accommodates a wide range of filling requirements. Users also have the independence to adjust trimming of pumps to fine-tune each nozzle, thereby ensuring precise filling for every container. The dual speed discharge controls provide separate adjustments of nozzle filling speeds for complete control over the filling process.

Durability and Convenience

Constructed with a one-piece welded, stainless steel cabinet, the FA-GA Gear Pump Filler embodies durability and resistance to corrosion. The water-tight Nema 4 control box further ensures the machine’s longevity in varied operational environments. Its heavy-duty swivel casters make the machine portable and easy to position, complemented by stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads for optimal stability.

The left to right conveyor travel is standard in the FA-GA model, while a right to left travel option is also available on request. To cater to a diverse range of products, the stainless steel nozzle rack is fully adjustable for spacing of nozzles from 1 to 12, fitting most container configurations.

Safety and Functionality

Safety and functionality are cornerstones of the FA-GA model. The side-mounted control box support-offset facilitates easy access and simplifies cleaning, while an automatic bottle indexing system, made of stainless steel, comfortably accommodates a variety of container shapes and sizes.

The filler also incorporates an air filter/regulator, lockout, and air supply valve, ensuring safe operation. To enhance user safety, the model includes enclosed stainless steel/Lexan safety guarding with interlocks.

User-friendly Features and Unmatched Warranty

Additional user-friendly features like a fill bottle counter, password protection (4 levels), built-in maintenance schedule prompts on screen, and a 'no bottle-no fill' mechanism ensure ease-of-use and efficient operation.

In line with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the FA-GA Gear Pump Filler comes with a two-year guarantee, the longest in the industry. The FA-GA model embodies Kaps-All Packaging Systems’ dedication to offering high-performance, reliable, and adaptable packaging solutions. Choose the FA-GA Gear Pump Filler for an advanced, dependable, and user-friendly liquid filling solution.

Fills-All Model “FA-GA” Fully Automatic Metering Gear Pump Filler, microprocessor controlled, less pumps and nozzles, with 8’6” stainless steel conveyor.


1. 7” color touch screen HMI controls for full controls such as: Recipes for 100+ SKU’s, cleaning/priming, dual speed discharge counters I-O status, etc.

2. Stainless steel cabinet, one piece welded construction.

3. Bottom-up fill or non-diving nozzles (adjustable).

4. Totally programmed microprocessor control for repeatable and fast change-overs.

5. Water tight Nema 4 control box.

6. Independent adjustable trimming of pumps to fine-tune each nozzle.

7. Dual speed discharge controls giving separate adjustment of nozzle filling speeds and dual speed filling for complete filling control.

8. Portable on four heavy-duty swivel casters, complete with stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads.

9. Left to right conveyor travel is standard. For right to left travel, please indicate on your purchase order.

10. Stainless steel nozzle rack fully adjustable for spacing of nozzles from 1 to 12 nozzles to accommodate most container configurations.

11. Side mounted control box support-offset for easy access and simplified cleaning.

12. Fill bottle counter to keep count of the number of bottles being filled in any given run.

13. Automatic bottle indexing system-stainless steel construction completely adjustable-accommodates a wide range of container shapes and sizes (Standard is up to 1 gallon).

14. Air filter/regulator, lock out and air supply valve.

15. Two-year guarantee (The longest in the industry).

16. No bottle-no fill.

17. Password protected (4 levels).

18. Built in maintenance schedule prompts on screen.


19. Enclosed stainless steel/Lexan safety guarding with interlocks.