FS-A Accumulation Table

Rotary Tables

  • FS-A Accumulation Table (Rotary Tables)


Model FS-A
36” or 48” Accumulating Table

 Rotary Accumulating Tables are placed at the end of a production line to receive bottles, jars, cans and containers.  The accumulating table helps prevent costly backups and slowdowns in production.


  1. Standard models 36 inch and 48-inch diameter, other sizes available to

             your specifications.

  1.  Standard stainless steel tabletop.
  2.  Adjustable solid-state D.C. variable speed drive.
  3.  No changeover parts necessary for standard containers.
  4.  Hazardous location models available.
  5.  Stainless steel dumping table (standard on FS-U, optional on FS-A).
  6.  Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.
  7.  33 inch to 37-inch height adjustment.
  8.  Actual demonstration in our plant with your products.
  9. Stainless steel guide rails are standard.
  10. Two full year guarantee.


Ideal For:

• Ideal for accumulating product at the end of the production line.



-110V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz (Nema 12)



- Crated Machine Weight: 450lbs

- Crated Shipping Dimension: 6’x4’x5’