KAPS-ALL Automatic Bottle Unscramblers effectively automate packaging production lines affording increased efficiency, savings and productivity. Savings are realized through effective use of personnel and associated costs over manual/semi-automatic unscrambler operations. KAPS-ALL® unscramblers are designed for quick changeovers (accomplished in a few minutes) and durability resulting in less downtime. All unscramblers can be upgraded with the ability to change production lines without buying new machinery or training new personnel.

Containers are randomly dumped into the supply hopper where they are gently deposited into the rotary pre-feeder bowl on demand. As the pre-feeder turns, the containers are single-filed and then sent down an adjustable slide chute where they enter an exclusive "Stand Up Unit" which orients bottles to an upright position, (Models AU-3C, AU-6C and AU-5C, automatically invert, ionize, vacuum, clean and stand up the bottles onto the conveyor). Once upright, the containers exit onto a take-away conveyor for the next downstream operation.

KAPS-ALL is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality packaging and bottling machinery and systems since 1941. KAPS-ALL machines operate worldwide, using state-of-the-art components, techniques and exclusive patents, resulting in proven performance, reliability and versatility to keep pace with current and future production demands.

Contact KAPS-ALL or a KAPS-ALL Sales Representative. KAPS-ALL's experienced staff can guide you in choosing the model that fits your current and future needs.

You can purchase a KAPS-ALL product directly from KAPS-ALL or from a local KAPS-ALL Sales Representative. KAPS-ALL offers a free demonstration and testing of your product before you buy at no cost or obligation.

KAPS-ALL simple patented machine designs can usually be serviced by your own staff. KAPS-ALL's local representatives and factory technicians are also available.

A complete inventory of parts are available for immediate shipment.

Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. has been making quality capping and packaging machinery since 1941. Several of the models that have been made over the years have been replaced by newer, more efficient and better performing machines. For this reason some of the older models have been discontinued (The discontinued models in most cases are no longer being supported). Because of this, we strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to purchase a used machine (That was at one time manufactured from Kaps-All) that you review it with us prior to purchasing. We provide this service at no charge and will help you verify that the machine is in fact a bonafide Kaps-All Machine. In addition, we will help you determine the age, the original usage and the value of the machine to see if you are getting the best deal possible. Most importantly, we will confirm and verify that the machine is a safe machine and in safe current operating condition. Again, this is a service we provide at no charge and we would strongly suggest that you take advantage of this offer.
Over the years we have found many machines that have been purchased used that are not only several decades old but totally non-workable and very over-priced. This is why we are providing this service; to help you make the best decision possible when purchasing or reviewing used machines in the field. In addition, the following models are obsolete and are not being serviced by Kaps-All any longer. These models include: A, B (BA, B-A2, BC, BD, BE), C, D, E, F (F4, F6, F8), A2, GA, GC, GD, GE, and GA2. If you have one of these models we would suggest that you contact the people you purchased it from to either return it or get support from them. If you do wish to purchase one of these obsolete models (We strongly suggest you DO NOT), be advised that there are other used machines in the field that are more recent and would serve you better. Although Kaps-All machinery is very versatile, some used machines may have been tailored for particular applications hindering the ability to run standard applications. Contacting a Kaps-All representative will give you insight on the use of the used machine in question for your application.
Additionally, pictures will help our representative identify any missing components or blatant defects that may become costly once purchased. Although there are deals to be had, it is very common to see necessary replacement components yield a machine more costly than a new machine or a used one with all components in place. Not to mention, used machines do not come with the standard two year Kaps-All warranty. An important concern of Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. is to not only provide the best functional machines for your application and the machines that will best support your needs (Financially & most trouble free) but also the safest machines possible. Many of our machines have had safety upgrades over the years such as; enhanced guarding, interlocking switches, updated safety stickers and warnings, etc., etc. We will be happy to assist you with updating any of your older machines to provide you with updated guarding, safety features and warning stickers at little to no cost. We are sure that once you know this service is available, you would want to take advantage of it to insure the safety of your workers and operation.
For our review of any used machine, please call or submit any inquiry with photos via our support ticket feature under “Support” in the navigation bar on our website.


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