MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator

Rotary Feeders / Elevators / Hoppers

  • MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator (Rotary Feeders / Elevators / Hoppers)
  • MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator (Rotary Feeders / Elevators / Hoppers)
  • MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator (Rotary Feeders / Elevators / Hoppers)
  • MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator (Rotary Feeders / Elevators / Hoppers)

MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator: Enhanced Efficiency and Versatility

Discover our versatile and compact MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator, an essential addition to your packaging line designed to elevate efficiency and productivity. With an innovative vertical cap and parts elevator function, the MINI-L can easily integrate with Kaps-All Cappers or function independently, all while occupying a minimal footprint in your facility.

Advanced Design and Built-to-Last Construction

Constructed with an all-stainless-steel chassis, hood, and guards, the MINI-L exemplifies heavy-duty durability at an economical cost. Its 3 cubic foot capacity stainless steel hopper and sanitary belt are FDA and USDA approved, reflecting our commitment to quality and safety standards. A clear polycarbonate dust cover safeguards the vertical belt, ensuring a clean and uncontaminated process.

The MINI-L's compact design suits facilities with restricted ceiling heights, while its range of height adjustments provides versatility for various operation needs. Despite its compact form, the model remains easy to handle, offering gentle product handling to prevent damage to your valuable parts and caps.

User-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

Ease of use is a key feature of the MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator. It requires no change parts, thanks to its electronic variable speed drive with dial control. Moreover, no air is needed for operation, simplifying your facility's resource requirements. Our design aims to minimize maintenance costs, requiring no skilled personnel to manage the machine.

Adding to its appeal, this model is backed by a two-year guarantee, the longest in the industry, affirming our confidence in its performance and durability. Whether you need stationary operation or a machine that can be easily moved, the MINI-L can accommodate your needs with its optional mobile base and heavy-duty swivel casters.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We understand that every facility has unique needs, so we offer several optional features to customize the MINI-L. These include hazardous location controls and special electrical requirements, a larger four (4) cubic foot hopper, and stainless steel mobile base. You can also opt for additional features like hopper covers, special discharge heights, and a clean-out door on the hopper.

Ideal Application

The MINI-L shines in applications that require loading small parts and caps safely and conveniently from a low height. Its design minimizes manual labor and optimizes the safety and efficiency of your operation.

Technical Specifications

The MINI-L operates at either 110v AC, 1Phase, 50/60 hertz, or 220v AC, 1 phase, 50/60 hertz. No air is required for its operation. The crated machine weighs 200lbs and the shipping measurements are crated 6’6”x3’x3’. Choose the MINI-L Compact Parts Elevator for a seamless, efficient, and versatile packaging solution.

Standard Features:

  • All stainless steel chassis, hood and guards.
  • Heavy duty construction--low cost.
  • No change parts required.
  • Electronic variable speed drive with dial control.
  • Three (3) cubic foot capacity stainless steel hopper.
  • FDA and USDA approved belting with molded cleats.
  • No air required.
  • Two-year guarantee--the longest in the industry.
  • Stationary operation or easily moved from one position to another with mobile base and heavy duty swivel casters.
  • Low maintenance cost with no skilled personnel required.
  • Gentle product handling.
  • Clear Polycarbonate dust cover over vertical belt.
  • Range of height adjustments.
  • Compact design for restricted ceiling heights.
  • Easily integrated into KAPS-ALL machines or can be
    used independently.

Available options:

  • Hazardous location controls and other special electrical requirements.
  • Four (4) cubic foot hopper to replace standard Three (3) cubic foot hopper.
  • Hopper covers.
  • Stainless steel mobile base.
  • Special discharge heights.
  • Clean-out door on hopper.

Ideal For:

•Ideal for making loading small parts and caps safely and conveniently from a low height



110v AC, 1Phase, 50/60 hertz


220v AC, 1 phase, 50/60 hertz


No Air Required



- Crated Machine Weight: 200lbs

- Shipping Measurements:  Crated 6’6”x3’x3’