P-700 Hand Capper

Cappers, and Capping Machines

  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)
  • P-700 Hand Capper (Cappers)

Introducing the P-700 Hand Capper: Unleashing Efficient Packaging Power

Unleash the power of efficient packaging with the P-700 Hand Capper by Kaps-All Packaging Systems. This exceptional hand-held semi-automatic capper is designed for in-box cappings, short production runs, and research and development applications. With its advanced features, ergonomic design, and impressive speeds of up to 40 BPM, the P-700 Hand Capper takes your packaging operations to new heights.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

Experience unrivaled performance with the P-700 Hand Capper, equipped with the exclusive Kaps-All® patented adjustable Dial-A-Torque® clutch system. This innovative feature ensures consistent torque delivery and minimizes wear on chuck inserts, resulting in reliable and efficient operation.

We provide an all-inclusive package of standard features at no additional charge. Each unit comes complete with one chuck, one patented adjustable clutch, one clutch adjusting tool, and one cap driver balancer. To streamline setup, the package also includes a filter-regulator, lubricator, and all necessary tubings and fittings for immediate operation.

Unmatched Versatility in Cap Handling

The P-700 Hand Capper offers remarkable versatility in handling various cap sizes. Its available chuck sizes enable seamless adjustment to accommodate a wide range of cap diameters, providing the flexibility you need for diverse packaging requirements.

Unlock New Possibilities with De-Capping Capability

With the P-700-R model, the P-700 Hand Capper can effortlessly transition into a de-capper, allowing you to efficiently remove and reapply caps for re-work purposes. This additional functionality enhances the versatility of your packaging processes, reducing waste and saving valuable resources.

Compact Design and User-Friendly Operation

Designed with space efficiency in mind, the P-700 Hand Capper requires minimal floor or bench space. Maximize productivity without compromising your workspace, allowing for smooth and efficient packaging operations.

Prioritizing operator comfort and usability, the P-700 Hand Capper features a balanced mounting suspension system and anti-torque arm. These thoughtful additions minimize operator fatigue, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience during extended operation periods.

Enjoy the simplicity of operation with the push-to-start lever and automatic stop feature. These intuitive functionalities simplify the capping process, streamlining your packaging workflow and increasing overall efficiency.

Customization for Tailored Solutions

Tailor the P-700 Hand Capper to meet your specific needs by selecting from a range of optional features. Enhance stability and convenience with the support stand system, allowing secure attachment of the balancer and cap driver directly to a table.

Choose between a clamp mounting base or side mounting to adapt the hand capper to your preferred setup. The clamp mounting base ensures a secure attachment to a table, while side mounting enables seamless integration with a conveyor or bench side.

Achieve precise torque settings on the adjustable Dial-A-Torque clutch system with the torque reading tool. This tool empowers you to make accurate adjustments, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability in your capping operations.

For efficient de-capping operations, the P-700-R model offers a reversible drive feature. This time-saving addition allows for the reuse of caps, minimizing waste and improving resource utilization.

Efficiency and Specifications

The P-700 Hand Capper boasts versatility, making it ideal for various applications, including in-case capping, on-line capping, and research and development projects. Adapt to the changing needs of your packaging operations with ease and efficiency.

Experience reliable power without the need for electricity. The P-700 Hand Capper operates smoothly with an air-electrical setup, requiring 16 cubic ft/min of air at 80 psi. This ensures consistent and efficient performance, enabling seamless integration into your existing power infrastructure.

Weighing just 3.3 lbs and featuring compact dimensions of 12" L x 3" W, the P-700 Hand Capper is a lightweight and maneuverable tool. Its compact design enhances ease of handling and provides flexibility during operation, further streamlining your packaging processes.

Choose the P-700 Hand Capper for Unrivaled Packaging Performance

Upgrade your packaging operations with the exceptional P-700 Hand Capper from Kaps-All Packaging Systems. Its advanced features, ergonomic design, customizable options, and remarkable speeds of up to 40 BPM empower you to achieve unparalleled packaging efficiency. Contact us today to explore how the P-700 Hand Capper can elevate your productivity and deliver outstanding results.



  1. Units come complete with one chuck, one patented adjustable clutch, one clutch adjusting tool and one cap driver balancer.
  2. Includes filter-regulator, lubricator, and all tubings and fittings needed for immediate operation.
  3. One chuck and chuck insert can handle a range of cap diameters.
  4. Both models are capable of tightening screw and lug caps of all materials from 15mm diameter and up.
  5. Model P-700-R can be used as a de-Capper to remove caps from containers for re-work and also reapplying them.
  6. Requires little or no floor or bench space.
  7. Unlike other units on the market, a consistent torque and minimal wear on chuck inserts can be expected with the fully adjustable,exclusive torque mechanism.
  8. The need to rely on air flow for desired torque is eliminated.
  9. Both models are suitable for hazardous location environments.
  10. Push to start lever and automatic stop feature simplifies operator use.
  11. Full one-year guarantee on power drive unit and clutch.



  1. Support stand system for balancer and cap driver, for securing directly to table.
  2. Clamp mounting base (for clamping to table top) or side mounting (for attaching to conveyor or bench side), to be used in conjunction with support system.
  3. Torque reading tool to accurately determine and adjust torque settings on adjustable Dial-A-Torque clutch systems.
  4. Model P-700-R reversible drive for de-capping.
  5. Torque Arm Assembly to eliminate operator fatigue (to be used with support system only).
  6. Table mounted lever actuated stand.               

Ideal For:

• Ideal for both in-case capping, and on-line capping and R&D



-No Electric Needed

- Air: 16 cubic ft/min continuously;  80psi.



- Base Machine Weight: 3.3lbs

- Dimension: 12” L x 3” W 


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