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Kaps-All Packaging Systems - EB-650 Bench Torque Meter


The EB-650 Bench Torque Meter, an innovative electronic model from Kaps-All Packaging Systems, is meticulously engineered to measure both application and removal torque of screw caps and closures. With its compact and portable design, this bench model offers seamless performance suitable for a range of environments.

The meter employs one-piece stainless steel rugged enclosure, ensuring durability even in harsh conditions. Additionally, it incorporates a Lexan panel, making use simple and cleaning effortless. A key attribute of this machine is its digital display screen, which holds the measured torque for easy viewing until the next test, eliminating the need for optional minimum and maximum spring indicators.

Key Features

With a multitude of features, the EB-650 Bench Torque Meter is an indispensable tool for any packaging operation. It comes equipped with a bottle clamping mechanism that can adjust from a vial to a gallon container swiftly and easily. Audible and visual (LED) indications further enhance the operational ease, ensuring efficient performance.

The meter operates with both 110V, 1 phase, 60Hz (50Hz) and rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, offering complete portability. Moreover, the built-in automatic shut off feature helps in conserving energy when the unit is not in use. The device is also available with an RS-232 computer printer interface, expanding its functionality.

Versatility and Accuracy

The EB-650 provides an impressive torque range from 0-100 Lb.-in. (0-115 Kg.-cm.) with no sacrifice of accuracy, and it can easily be converted to other torque ranges for special applications. It handles all styles, materials, shapes, and sizes of closures, including child-resistant and tamper-evident.

The model displays torque in five different units: lb.-in., oz.-in., lb.-ft., kg.-cm., and N-m, catering to both Metric and British standards. With automatic zero adjustment, solid-state circuitry, and non-destructive testing, the EB-650 guarantees accurate and consistent operation, minimizing testing error and optimizing quality assurance.

Additional Features and Options

The EB-650 comes with an array of additional features at no extra cost, including a certificate of traceability to the National Bureau of Standards with each unit, multiple peak hold mode, and the ability to collect and store test values. Download these values to a printer or PC for later analysis. The model can also be equipped with optional features such as special torque ranges and a complete calibration kit that allows calibration to be done in your plant.

Ideal For Quality Control

The EB-650 is ideal for quality control applications, thanks to its advanced features and consistent performance. With a weight of 14lbs and dimensions of 10-1/2" wide x 10-3/4" deep x 7-3/4" high, it fits easily in any workspace.

Power and Dimension

The EB-650 runs on 110V electric and rechargeable NICAD C Batteries, requiring no air. It's compact yet robust, weighing only 14 lbs and measuring 10-1/2" wide x 10-3/4" deep x 7-3/4" high.

In conclusion, the EB-650 Bench Torque Meter from Kaps-All Packaging Systems offers unmatched performance, flexibility, and efficiency for your packaging operations.



Measures both application and removal torques of screw caps and closures on their containers.

• Certificate of traceability to the National Bureau of Standards with each unit.

• Displays torque in 5 different units: Lb.-in., Oz.-in. Lb.-ft., Kg.-cm. and N-m. (Both Metric and British).

• Multiple peak hold mode.

• Display torque is held on screen for easy viewing until next test.

• Collect and store test values. Download to a printer or PC for later analysis.

• Lexan display panel for easy use and cleaning.

• Downward and upward pressure do not affect the electronic torque meter as it would a mechanical unit.

• Stainless steel bottle clamping mechanism quickly and easily adjusts from vials to gallon containers.

• Handles all container styles, shapes and materials.

• Only one model is necessary for a torque range from 0-100 Lb.-in. (0-115 Kg.-cm.) with no sacrifice of accuracy. Easily converted to other torque ranges for special applications. (Special ranges available upon request.)

• Handles all styles, materials, shapes and sizes of closures, including child resistant and tamper evident.

• Automatic zero adjustment.

• Suitable for sanitary environments.

• Comes standard with built-in battery charger.

Automatic shut-off conserves batteries.

• Quality, rugged, stainless steel enclosure.

• No springs or internal moving parts.

• Solid-state circuitry.

• Accurate, consistent operation, minimizes testing error, optimizes quality assurance.

• Non-destructive testing eliminates waste of closures and product.

• Audible and visual (LED) indicators assist in ease of operation. Three indicator lights provide for rapid visual test results.

• Can also be used as a basic torque tester without statistics and indicator lights.





• Special torque ranges - Microcomputer is preprogrammed to accept one of (3) different torque ranges for any special application you may have.

• Complete calibration kit allows calibration to be done in your plant. The built-in computer automatically prompts and instructs operator through the calibration sequence using the integral LCD screen.

• RS-232 software package interface for computer, printer or terminal.

• Dot matrix Impact Printer with RS-232 interface. Power supplied from Torque Meter through the RS-232 cable (included).


Ideal For:

• Quality Control



-110v Electric

- Rechargable NICAD C Batteries for

- No Air needed



- Base Machine Weight: 14lbs

- Measures only 10-1/2" wide x 10-3/4" deep x 7-3/4"high


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