BK-4 Belt Capper

Designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Model BK-4 is a 4-Belt Capping Machine that Utilizes Belts in place of discs for Cap Tightening.

• Handles Vials to Gallon Containers

• Speeds up to 200 Units/Minute

• Capping for 13-70mm Closures

• Integral Hopper Level Sensor

• Air Pressure Sensor

• Motorized Head Height

• S.S Base

• Easy-Adjust Screw-Type grippers

• Linear Encoder for Easy Machine Height setup

• Pneumatic Clutch Assemblies

• Two Sets of Gripper Belt Assemblies

• Color HMI Controls Allowing For:

  • Recipes
  • Alerts
  • Recorded Event History
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple Languages
  • Easier Control Functionality
  • I/O Monitoring
  • And More

• Built in Inspection and Rejection For:

  • Torque Monitoring 
  • Missing Cap 
  • Skewed Cap
  • Missing Foil