V-16-ES High Speed Volumetric Piston Filler

The Kaps-All V-16-ES High Speed Volumetric Piston Filler

Welcome to the innovative world of the V-16-ES High Speed Volumetric Piston Filler from Kaps-All Packaging Systems. Formerly known as the Model VOL-32-16-S, the V-16-ES is a fully automatic, extended single-lane volumetric piston filler that is engineered to take your packaging process to new heights.

A Blend of Efficiency and Technology

At its core, the V-16-ES is powered by an intelligent microprocessor control system, ensuring fast changeovers and repeatable precision. This model is a paragon of efficiency, with less pumps and nozzles, and a 13-foot long conveyor that can be tailored to accommodate optional extended lengths.

Safeguarded by Top-tier Features

In an industry where time and accuracy are of paramount importance, the V-16-ES incorporates a range of features to optimize your operations. Its 'no bottle-no fill' functionality ensures that no product is wasted, thereby boosting your production economy. Constructed with a one-piece welded stainless steel cabinet, the V-16-ES promises long-lasting durability.

Flexibility and Control

Understanding the diverse needs of your operations, the V-16-ES offers adjustable bottom-up fill or non-diving nozzles. With independent adjustable trimming of pumps, you can fine-tune each piston to align with your specific requirements. This flexible machine can accommodate up to 24 pistons and nozzles depending on the container size.

Simplicity and Mobility

Despite its sophisticated design, the V-16-ES is astonishingly simple to operate, thanks to its completely programmed microprocessor control. Housed in a water-tight Nema 4 control box, the system is well-protected from potential hazards. The machine is also portable, mounted on four heavy-duty swivel casters complete with stainless steel leveling screws and floor pads.

Personalized to Your Operations

The V-16-ES ensures that you can customize your filling process according to the needs of your operations. Its left to right conveyor travel is standard, complemented by two adjustable in-line stainless steel nozzle racks, catering to virtually every container configuration.

Track Your Production

With the V-16-ES, you can effortlessly keep count of the number of bottles filled in any given run, thanks to the integrated fill bottle counter. The automatic bottle indexing system, with its completely adjustable stainless steel construction, accommodates a wide array of container shapes and sizes.

Quality and Support

The quality and reliability of the V-16-ES are evidenced by its two-year guarantee on all parts, excluding tubing, seals, and gaskets. The electronics of the V-16-ES are covered under the manufacturer's guarantee, providing you with added peace of mind.

Improve your operations with the V-16-ES High Speed Volumetric Piston Filler – a truly versatile and robust filling solution from Kaps-All Packaging Systems. It is time to let technology take the lead in your production process.

Fills-All Model “V-16-S” (Formerly the Model VOL-32-16-S) Fully Automatic, Extended Single Lane, High speed Volumetric Piston Filler, microprocessor controlled, less pumps and nozzles, with 13 foot long conveyor (available with optional longer length conveyors). Please refer to drawing # 70-164


1. No bottle-no fill.

2. Stainless steel cabinet, one piece welded construction.

3. Bottom-up fill or non-diving nozzles (adjustable).

4. Totally programmed microprocessor control for repeatable and fast change-overs.

5. Water tight Nema 4 control box.

6. Independent adjustable trimming of pumps to fine-tune each piston. Can accommodate up to 24 pistons and nozzles depending upon container size.

7. Double speed controls giving separate adjustment capabilities for the aspirating and discharge strokes, depending upon products being filled.

8. Portable on four heavy-duty swivel casters, complete with stainless steel leveling screws with floor pads.

9. Left to right conveyor travel is standard (4-1/2” wide table top chain (Delrin with stainless steel pins) is standard.

10. Two in-line stainless steel nozzle racks fully adjustable for spacing of nozzles form 1 to 12 nozzles each to accommodate virtually every container configuration.

11. Stainless steel control box support-offset for easy access and simplified cleaning.

12. Fill bottle counter to keep count of the number of bottles being filled in any given run.

13. Automatic bottle indexing system-stainless steel construction completely adjustable-accommodates a wide range of container shapes and sizes. Standard set-up is for round bottles.

14. Air filter/regulator and air supply switch.

15. Two-year guarantee on all parts, less tubing, seals and gaskets (electronics are covered under manufacturers guarantee).


The Model V-16-S (Single Lane Filler) (Can handle sixteen of the 36 oz., twenty of 20 oz., 24 of all other piston sizes)