High Speed Bottle Unscramblers

KAPS-ALL High-Speed Automatic Bottle Unscramblers effectively automate packaging production lines affording increased efficiency, savings and productivity.

KAPS-ALL High-Speed Automatic Bottle Unscramblers effectively automate packaging production lines affording increased efficiency, savings and productivity. Savings are realized through effective use of personnel and associated costs over manual/semi-automatic unscrambler operations. KAPS-ALL High-Speed unscramblers are designed for quick changeovers (accomplished in a few minutes) and durability resulting in less downtime. All High-Speed unscramblers can be upgraded with the ability to change production lines without buying new machinery or training new personnel.


Why choose KAPS-ALL® for High Speed Bottle Unscramblers?

KAPS-ALL Packaging System, Inc. has been designing and building top of the line sealing machines since 1941. The best available components/engineering are provided with each High Speed Bottle Unscramblers giving you long- term, low maintenance bottling, and packaging equipment. Complete bottle orienting, cleaning, filling, capping, sealing and diagnostic systems including.

KAPS-ALL offers the smallest fully automatic high-speed bottle unscramblers in the industry. The low profile high-speed bottle unscramblers handle a wide range of containers with little or no change parts and require no air. Virtually all styles and shapes of plastic, metal and corrugated/composite containers can be handled in the range of 1/2 inch tall up to 6 inches tall and up to 4 inches wide. A wide range of speeds can be obtained depending upon container size and shape.

Contact Kaps-All for an initial evaluation of your products. We also offer free demonstrations and testing in our plant without any obligation on your part. We’re convinced that once you see the versatility and state-of-the-art design of our equipment, you will appreciate the positive cleaning, orienting, filling, capping, sealing and labeling accuracy, dependability and low cost of the various models available.


Containers are randomly dumped into the integrated low profile supply hopper. They are gently elevated and deposited into the rotary pre-feeder bowl on demand. As the pre-feeder turns, the containers are single filed to an adjustable slide chute where they enter an exclusive “Stand Up Unit” which orients bottles to an upright position directly onto the conveyor. Models AU-6C and AU-3C automatically invert, ionize, vacuum/clean and orient the bottles prior to placing upright onto the conveyor. Once upright, the containers exit onto an optional take-away conveyor for the next downstream operation.

For standard orientation, machine utilizes NO air, NO vibration and few, if any change parts for various sizes, shapes and materials. For pre-labeled, silk screened or scratch prone bottles, all bottles exit the first time they enter the chute. There is minimal to NO repetitive movement of your bottles.