Evolution of Waterless Cap Sealers

1980's - Before AutoMate

  • Water-Cooled Cap Sealers
  • High Energy Consumption
  • Large, Bulky Design
  • Low Sealing Power
  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Long Delivery Time
  • Pumps, Tanks, Fan Belts

Early 1990's - AutoMate - The Originator of the Patented "Waterless Cap Sealer"

  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Compact Design
  • High Sealing Power (2300 Watts)
  • Low Cost
  • Fast Delivery
  • No Pumps, Fan Belts, Water Tanks

2003 - AutoMate SMART-SEAL, Full-Featured "Waterless Cap Sealers"

  • More Sealing Power (1500 - 5000 Watts)
  • More efficient, More features, More compact
  • Lower price with built-in cap inspection and rejection system
  • User friendly
  • Protected with over 9 patents and several patents pending
  • Sealed / Gasketed Electronics

2005 - Present

  • AutoMate is the ONLY source providing Mid to High Power Automatic, am Semi-Automatic models to meet your specific production needs. Only from AutoMate comes time-saving and efficient patented features offered as standard equipment, such as Self-Calibarting Electronics for top performance.