Machine Registration


Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. does not sell OR rebuild used machinery nor do we recommend the purchase of used machinery. However, should you have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing an older machine from another source, please note the following:

I) The capping machines listed below that are not in the possession of the original owners are being considered obsolete. They are 17-44 years old and the parts (especially electric and electronic) are either not available, or are no longer being stocked. Obsolete models at this time, include the following: A, B (BA, B-A2, BC, BD, BE), C, D, E, F (F4, F6, F8), A2, GA, GC, GD, GE, and GA2.

II) Should you have one of the above models or are considering purchasing one from a source other than the original manufacturer; we suggest that you do not purchase or use it. However, you have the option of working with the seller (auction house, used machine dealer, etc.) for assistance in determining if the machine meets today’s standards such as: (OSHA, UL, CE, NEC, CSA, NEMA, ANSI safety standards, etc). We recommend that these older models are NOT purchased or used by you. These older models have all been tremendously updated and replaced with newer models that are more compact, more user friendly, contain less moving parts, have more advanced controls and safety features, and in general are more reliable in both performance and productivity.

III) Should you purchase a used newer model, made in the last 17 years or less, we will (at Kaps-All’s discretion) work with you once it has been registered. Any machine that is missing its original name plate, guarding or that has been modified by someone other than Kaps-All, which may render it into a non-safe machine or a machine doing different functions other than what it was originally designed for, will not be registered and service for it will be withheld by Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc.

IV) Before buying a used machine, feel free to contact our support team to tell you if the machine you are looking at is obsolete and/ or worth investing in.


Before we can assist you, it is required for insurance purposes, that you to provide us with photos (5x7 or 8x10) of all four sides of the machine, showing the name plate and that the machine is in a “safe, operating condition” with all the guards and safety stickers in place as the original machine was (DO NOT E-MAIL PHOTOS, MUST BE IN FULL COLOR). Please include a photo of the name plate showing Model and Serial Number. There is a one-time charge of $350.00 to register this machine.

Once registered, your company name will be added to our database for this piece of equipment so that future inquiries can be handled quickly and efficiently.


We have a team of technicians that can assist you with parts or questions that you have on the machine that you have purchased used once you have registered your machine and it has been accepted by us by meeting the conditions above. Generally, many manufacturers do not service machinery that they do not sell directly to the user. We however, take pride in our machinery and are willing to work with you regarding your used machine provided it is complete and safe. So that we may assist you properly, we need the following information: 1) Details of the problem you are having with the machinery. 2) Any drawings that may help explain your problem. 3) Send us a video (memory stick, thumb drive, CD) of the machinery showing how it is operating: i.e.: Showing all the functions of the machine. 4) Sample of cap, container and product of each size. 5) Model and Serial number of the machine. 6) Speeds you wish to run the machine at (i.e.: Bottles per minute).

Once we receive your package of samples, and description of the problem that you are having, our technicians will review the information you have given us and try to assist with the difficulties you are encountering. To register your machine, please acknowledge your acceptance to this bulletin with a written purchase order and check in the amount of $350.00.


Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc.

*NOTE: By submitting a check and pictures does not guarantee registration. Registration does not mean that your used machine is suitable, safe or fit for your specific application; nor is Kaps-All obligated to make your machine fit or suitable for any specific application.

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